“Greg Sucharew’s film tells the story of how non-profit Pedals for Progress brought all those bikes… to Rivas… and how they’ve changed the socio-economic outlook for its residents.”Sundance TV


Xiomara Davilla

Xiomara is a mother of two boys, Kevin and Kenneth. Her husband works long hours for the family while she looks after the children.

Joaquin Obando

Joaquin sold his old bicycle to start his own bike repair and accessories shop. He loves competing in cycling events.

Julia Jiron

Julia rides all over Rivas, everyday, on her tricycle selling her homemade eats and refreshments, rain or shine.

David Schweidenback

David founded Pedals for Progress in 1991, it’s first overseas bicycle distribution program being in Rivas, Nicaragua.

“An upcoming film, The Bicycle City, explores how bicycles have transformed one of the poorest places in Latin America.”Treehugger


Greg Sucharew

The Bicycle City is Greg’s directorial debut. He wrote, directed and edited the film.

Felicia Jamieson

The Producer of The Bicycle City, Felicia won an Emmy for her work on And They Flew.

Frank Trotta

Director of Photography for The Bicycle City. Frank is a location manager based in New York City.

Gissel Rosario

A Production Coordinator and Producer, Gissel is based in the Dominican Republic.

“For a war-torn, impoverished city in Nicaragua, the words “pedal power” have taken on a dramatic new meaning.”Lowell Film Collaborative

Rivas, Nicaragua

Rivas is located in the south western part of Nicaragua, the poorest country in Central America, and second poorest in the Western Hemisphere. It is a stone’s throw from Lago Nicaragua, Central America’s largest lake. The Pan-American highway runs through Rivas, bicycle lanes attached.

The city of Rivas has a population of about 50,000 people, while the wider department of Rivas surrounding it has a population of around 170,000.

Rivas is a city that has been absolutely flooded with bicycles, and serves as an example for sustainable transportation development everywhere.

Rivas is The Bicycle City.

“We all know the myriad benefits of bicycling… but it’s not often that the power of this simple invention to fundamentally change lives is told by people who aren’t advocates or politicians.”

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“In Rivas, it’s not about cars vs. bikes; it’s about bikes vs. walking, a stark choice when you really stop to think about it.”The Utopianist

How to Help

Each year Pedals for Progress collects and ships thousands of used bicycles all over the world. If you live in the greater New York City / Philadelphia area, and you wish to donate you bike or sewing machine to help in this effort, please visit http://p4p.org to find an upcoming collection.


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